The Network Equity Investment Information Memorandum is only available to persons who satisfy the Sophisticated Investor provisions of the Corporations Act.

The Information Memorandum was published in August 2016. We recommend that prospective investors attend an information evening, talk to the management team, as well as read the Information Memorandum, before making a decision to invest.



  1. Updated Information Memorandum July 2017 –  Click here to download. If you would like a paper copy of the Information Memorandum, please contact us.
  2. Updated Powerpoint Slides (Overview) July 2017 – Click here to download.
  3. Information Memorandum Click here to download.
  4. Powerpoint Slides (Overview) Click here to download.
  5. Application for Shares Stage 4Click here to download. Stage 4 ($0.25) is now open.
  6. Application for Shares Stage 3Click here to download. Stage 3 ($0.16 per share) is now closed.
  7. Application for Shares Stage 2Click here to download. Stage 2 ($0.135 per share) is now closed.
  8. Application for Shares Stage 1Click here to download. Stage 1 ($0.10 per share) is now closed.