Network Equity is an Australian public company with focuses in acquisitions and consolidation in Active Business Asset class and in emerging growth industry equities. We currently invest approximately A$10 million in a combination of Active Business Assets and shares in technology companies.

Network Equity’s investment methodology is applied with the aim of achieving absolute returns for our shareholders. This is our central endeavour. It is complimented by quarterly communication to keep shareholders abreast of our performance and portfolio positioning.

With strong business fundamentals in place, we have developed our strategy based on creating as much future value as possible by investing in income producing assets. We constantly seek opportunities and involvement emerging growth industry equities. To achieve this goal we are working across two main focus areas. They included:

  1. Growth through acquisition – Our aim is to acquire more than 20,000 (end) clients within the first 36 months, through acquisitions and membership.
  2. Technology roadmap – Our aim is to create a business platform which all our advisors, members, and clients (end user) will want to use every day

Please refer to our Information Memorandum for more details.