Dr. Liang Liang

Dr. Liang Liang

Chief Liaison Officer

As our Chief Liaison Officer, Dr Liang Liang has extensive experience in building professional relationships with business clients and partners. Graduating from the University of Sydney (with Honours) in Dentistry, Dr Liang and his wife built their flagship practice which within the first two years of business, was voted ‘Best Dental Practice in ACT’ by Canberra media and reached a 7-figure revenue at the same time.

‘I truly believe win:win relationships are the foundation of business and personal success. I have strived for this in our practice and in all aspects of our life’.

As a healthcare professional, Dr Liang has applied his nurturing nature across his mentoring work with other healthcare professionals and businesses. His professional mentoring also extends to businesses outside of healthcare, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Liang’s sound healthcare expertise and drive to help others succeed make him an ideal addition to the team to foster meaningful and sustainable relationships with our members, clients and partners.